Función de apagado automático. La luz se apaga automáticamente tras permanecer inactiva durante 15 minutos. Modos de color Cuando el dispositivo está ENCENDIDO, solo tiene que tocar la luz nocturna para cambiar el modo de color.1. Blanco (baja intensidad) 5. Verde 2. Blanco (alta intensidad) 6. Azul3. Rojo 7. Modo cambio de color4. Amarillo 8. Apagado


The normal delivery time at home will be 48h / 72h from the moment we have confirmed your payment. These delivery times are approximate and in no case binding for KIDS HOUSE who in any case will make the delivery before 30 days.
Deliveries will be made on weekdays (Monday to Friday). It is recommended that the CLIENT communicate their hourly delivery preferences by completing the order details in the comments section.